Amejman promoting 'Visit Nepal Year 2020'

Sep 30, 2018/By Ruchita Pathak
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Amejman plans to team up with the Government of Nepal for the success of the Campaign of government to make 2020 B.S. as Visit Nepal Year 2020.

Nepal is the land blessed with natural beauty. It is the second largest country rich in water resources. Nepal has wide range of geographical topography with the beauty of various rivers, lakes and ponds. Most of the rivers originate from the range of Himalayan/ Mountains. 

Nepal is the most loved destination of tourists all around the world. It is the auspicious land of peace where Lord Gautam Buddha was born in. Also it is the birth place of Hindu Goddess Sita.
Moreover, Mount. Everest, world's largest Mountain, roof of the world lies in Nepal.

Amejman provides the platform to enhance the tourism of Nepal by providing great accommodation places integrated in a single site having variation in the facilities, prices and destination. Amejman is including properties from all around the places of Nepal.