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Feb 19, 2020/By Amejman
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B2B (Business to Business) is the exchange of products, services or information between businesses, rather than between businesses and consumers. B2B is an individual person or an independently owned, values based small business. Amejman works across most industries and sectors internationally and is committed to helping the clients grow.


At the beginning of your private venture, you may think that it is less demanding and more financially savvy to do everything yourself. As you develop, you'll likely need the assistance of a business-to-business (B2B) partner or accomplice to achieve assignments like reaching the properties of all the places, reaching the best holiday packages for your clients, etc. Be that as it may, you can't simply make an arrangement with the main vendor you go over.


Grab the opportunity to be the partner of Amejman and have the easy accessibility to book the hotels in Amejman for your clients and earn commission amount. Experience the best hotel booking site with a large number of the property, and easy booking system, covering a wide area, involving properties from all the corners of the world. Amejman has a huge network of energetic marketing officers who travel around the places and ensure the best properties are associated with Amejman.


You can earn commission and incentives as a b2b partner. Amejman provides an access point to its B2B Partner to book the properties at the places your guest would like to stay at. Moreover, being a b2b partner, after booking the property for your guests, you do not need to worry about the further procedures; Amejman will look after to ensure that the hosting of guests is according to the service stated by the property.


To be a b2b partner of Amejman you need to go to the link www.b2b.amejman.com. It will lead you to the b2b platform where you can sign up with your email and password. After a certain procedure of your verification as an authentic b2b user or person, you will be welcomed as a b2b partner of Amejman.  

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