Amejman in ICT Award

Sep 30, 2018/By Ruchita Pathak
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Amejman has participated in ICT Award 2018. The company has been nominated in ICT Startup Award that considered those ICT companies started within 3 years. Amejman has established a good network with the involvement in ICT Award program and presented its views and the enthusiasm in the hospitality industry.


The Living with ICT Awards Event Program entitled “ICT Award 2018” had been organized by IC Tech Media Pvt. Ltd on August 17, 2018, envisions rewarding the National Heroes of IT Sectors in Nepal. ICT Award also gave a token of appreciation to people that have devoted their lives to the IT sector in Nepal.
The Event had smaller events within the event like new product launches; documentaries on the stories of the top 3 selected individuals in each category and a LIVE Music and Entertainment program. 


Energetic team of Amejman has presented their performance on the Award program and has been successful to secure top 10 positions among the various start-up companies presented in the program. Amejman with its dedicated team has been able to cope up to the second round of ICT Award. ICT Award has motivated Amejman to perform at the level where hospitality industry gets the new and better revolutions.