B2b Partner

Sep 30, 2018/By Ruchita Pathak
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Amejman have developed B2B Module, offering the service online with real time availability, enabling the b2b partners to provide the service of online booking in a pleasant, efficient and cost-effective way. Amejman has provided B2B module to various travel agencies and agents which ensures the booking of hotels, resort, villa, guest house and apartment from various places itself.

Person or travel agency who are interested to be the part of B2B module, can be an agent and book the accommodation rooms through the B2B platform Amejman provides. Intereted persons or travel agencies can register their details and after the verification of you as an authorized person, you could be the part of Amejman's B2B model. 

Interested persons or travel agencies can sign up through the link below and get the chance to work in partnership with Amejman.