Amejman In Bhutan

Sep 28, 2018/By Ruchita Pathak
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Amejman has expanded its network to Bhutan. Bhutan's hotels, resorts, guest houses, etc are being registered in Amejman through well-established partnership between Miss. Khandu Yeutsho and Amejman Pte. Ltd., Singapore (Head office). Bhutan is a Buddhist Kingdom, known for monasteries, fortresses, geographical topography and loved destination for trekking. Bhutan is rich in Buddhist art, monasteries, and beautiful mountains. Here a traditional Buddhist culture carefully embraces global developments.

Today, when the cultural boundaries in almost every part of the world are steadily diluting, this fascinating Dragon Kingdom is credited to successfully retaining its distinct cultural entity in a genuinely original form.

Bhutan – the mythical Land of the Peaceful Dragon is as much known for its dramatic landscapes, architecture and fabulous bio-diversity as for its rich and colorful cultural heritage. Every facet of Bhutanese culture is unique, distinct and different, or say – very special and exotic. Being a staunch Buddhist country, the socio-cultural life, art, crafts and traditions to architecture, every aspect of Bhutan is greatly influenced by religion.


Amejman welcomes Bhutan in the united effort to integrate properties all around the world to ensure best accommodation facilities for all the travellers.

Explore Bhutan and its culture with Amejman.