Pokhara Nepal

Aug 17, 2018/By Ruchita Pathak
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Pokhara, blessed with natural beauty, is located in the center of Nepal. It lies 200 kms west from the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. It is Capital of province 4. Pokhara is the perfect combination of tranquility and beauty. It is the most loved destination of tourist with general interest and specific interest. It is an enchanting city nestled in a tranquil valley which is also a gateway to the world of adventure like trekking, mountaineering and many more. Pokhara is admired by internal tourist as well as international tourist to spend their holidays, honeymoons, visit pilgrim, adventure lovers and many more. People can enjoy lakeside serenity, breathtaking view of magnificent Annapurna Range, Mount Fishtail, caves, gorges, waterfalls, image of Mountain range formed in the Fewa Lake and diverse topography with wonderful environment. 
Pokhara is the city of Paradise, a small city with scope for lots of adventure. 

Phewa Lake:
Phewa Lake is the largest lake in the Pokhara valley. In the middle of the Lake, there is an island where Barahi temple is situated. Visitors can visit the temple by boating for around 10 minutes. What is more fascinating is that visitors can view the scenario of beautiful mountain range above Phewa Lake along with the image of Mountain range, flaunting its beauty, in the water of the lake. Boating, walking around the Lake's tranquil environment, enjoying the beautiful scenario of green forest and mountain range is the best part of Phewa Lake.

Lakeside is the major destination; visitors would like to stay in, at Pokhara. Lakeside area has large number of hotels around the bank of Phewa lake. There are various bars, restaurants, hotels, lodges, spa etc for the relaxation of the visitors. 

Devi's Fall:
The water flowing from Phewa Lake shows a wonderful fall. Devi's Fall, previously known as Patale Chhango, attracts people with beautiful flow of water and with a heavy Water fall. During summer season, with the heavy flow of water, water vapor is produced. Beautiful rainbow can be seen when sunlight meets the water fall. 

Pokhara has a diverse geography, surrounded by hills, the valley consist of various caves, gorges, small hills, etc. Among the caves, Mahendra Cave, Bats' Cave and Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave are the major destination of tourist.

Mahendra Cave:
It is the large limestone cave. The cave is situated in northern part of the city. It can be accessed by visitors from Pokhara Airport within 30 minutes by taxi or one hour by public buses. Artificial lights are available to eradicate the darkness of the cave. The premise around the cave is generally taken as picnic spot as well.

Bats' Cave:
It is situated in the northern part of the city, near Mahendra Cave. Due to immense darkness that the cave beholds, Bats used to live in the cave from the very beginning.

Gupteshwor Mahadev Cave:
It is situated near Devi's Fall. This cave consists of idol of Hindu God, Lord Shiva, which was found mysteriously. Further moving through the tunnel, behind the shrine, visitors can see the water fall on Devi's Fall from the cave itself along with the thundering sound of waterfall.

World Peace Pagoda (Shanti Stupa):
Located in the southern hill of Phewa Lake, World Peace Pagoda is the most peaceful destination and admired Buddhist Stupa that visitors of every religion would like to visit. It is in the top of hill (Rani Ban). Visitors can see the view of Pokhara City, Phewa Lake and mountains from the stupa. Visitors can trek to Stupa from Chhorepatan or could use public vehicle or taxi as well. Visitors also can boat across Phewa Lake and climb the stairs, on hill, to reach the Stupa.

Bindabasini Temple:
Bindabasini temple is the oldest temple of Pokhara situated in the top of a small hill. It is one of the famous Hindu temple situated in Pokhara. It lies near Baglung Highway. The view of magnificent Himalaya range from the temple adds the beauty to the temple.

Seti River:
Seti river originates from the Machhapuchhre glacier. It runs through the Pokhara city area in about 40 meters of depth. One of the major attraction area of tourist is K.I. Singh Pool and Mahendra Pool, where the wonderful gorge made by the river is visible.

Pokhara has perfect geography and weather for paragliding. Each year more than 20,000 people experience paragliding in Pokhara. Visitors can paraglide from the hill of Sarangkot and fly in the air, above the beautiful city of Pokhara, enjoying the beautiful scenario. Then, experience the perfect landing on the Lake bank of Phewa Lake will add sizzling memory to the adventure.

Bungee Jumping:
Visitors can refresh by bungee jumping activity that is available in Hemja, Pokhara. The height of the bungee jumping is of 70 meter. Bungee jumping activity has been started since 2014 in Pokhara. There is a natural lake (pond) with 15-20 meter deep water below this bungee jumping.  Bungee jumper can feel water touch bungee jumping during the visit to Hemja, Pokhara, Nepal.