Gokyo Lakes Trek

Mar 3, 2019/By Ruchita Pathak
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The sparkling and emerald green waters of one of the five Gokyo Lakes, located next to the serene and picturesque Gokyo village is something so pure and natural that one must put it in a must-visit list. Arranged only west of the Everest Base Camp trek, the Gokyo trek is an incredible option in the event that one is searching for less sightseers and increasingly remote nature. The five Emerald Lakes together with glorious mountain tops is at the center of this trek. There is a beautiful and cozy village of Gokyo, always welcoming trekkers with warm heart as per their culture. Also, the other enchanting view is of the panoramic Himalayas (Everest, Lhotse, and Cho Oyu) that Gokyo Ri - a peak and vantage point offers. The maximum elevation is 5,357 m. The Gokyo trek which takes around 15 to 16 days, usually having 1000 trekkers per year is also known as the Gokyo Lakes trek. They comprise the highest freshwater lake system in the world, at around 5,000 meters. Standing at the shores of a chain of six turquoise, glacial-fed lakes, one can hike along Ngozumpa Glacier, the largest glacier in the Himalaya. The other varieties this trek can offer is trek through the Sherpa town of Khumjung, home of a ‘real’ yeti skull. Also, from 'Scoundrel's viewpoint' near the fifth lake, one can peer over a wasteland of rock and ice that is the vast Ngozumpa Glacier. One can return via Renjo La pass (5,340 m), over one of Nepal's most beautiful passes. Guest houses and lodges are available here for cozy accommodations. The trek starts from Kathmandu and one can fly over to Lukla. The approximated time for trek is as given. Following a trek from Lukla to Phakding (8,563 feet/2610m) for 4 hours, next day a 5 hours trek starts for Namche Bazaar (11,290 feet/ 3,440m). Then on the next day, one can day-hike to Khumjung at Namche Bazaaar and then leave the place on other day to Dole (4,200m) on 5 hours trek. Another day is allocated for trek to Machhermo (4,470m) consisting of 3 hours and yet other day for Machhermo to Gokyo. From there, it is another 6 hours trek for other day to climb Gokyo Ri and visit Gokyo lakes. Gokyo village (day-hike to Fifth Lake, 4,956 m) for 7 hours is done on other day. Then we may return the same trail down or we have the option of crossing via Renjo La Pass. The best season for this trek is March to May and October to November. This trek is also accessible during winter i.e. December to January. This is one of the best remote trek and views one could die for.